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The W. K. McClure Scholarship Program offers UTK students (undergraduate and graduate) financial awards up to $5000 to support research & creative projects abroad aimed at enhancing and promoting education for world responsibility. The scholarship can be applied to any project which offers the potential for the development of knowledge relative to significant issues or problems associated with world affairs and the reduction of international conflict, principally through legal, cultural, political, economic, social, and scientific studies.

Begin an application:

McClure Scholarship Application


  1. Students must be enrolled full-time at the University and must receive credit for the research and/or creative project funded by the McClure Scholarship. Any UTK student (undergraduate or graduate) may apply.
  2. Students must be in good standing with the University.
  3. While there is no absolute grade point criterion, successful applicants generally have a GPA between 3.0 and 4.0.
  4. Students must not have previously received a McClure Scholarship.
  5. The McClure Scholarship will not be awarded to support participation on a Study Abroad Program or for projects taking place simultaneously with a Study Abroad program

Selection Criteria

A committee of faculty and administrators will review applications and select the scholarship recipients. Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated connection between the project and the goals of the scholarship program
  2. Contribution of the project to the overall educational career of the student and to the broader community
  3. Academic quality and feasibility of the project
  4. Demonstrated commitment of the student and faculty advisor to the project
  5. Student’s demonstrated ability to initiate and sustain creative activities and research
  6. Projects must incorporate a significant amount of time abroad (minimum of 4 weeks)
  7. Both the project and the final report or project ending piece of work (written report, a visual report, an artistic production, computer-based production, pieces of creative writing, etc) must be completed before graduation.
  8. The committee may require a personal interview as part of the application process
(L to R): Bob McClure, Dr. Vernon Iredell, Chancellor Charles Weaver, W.K. McClure, Wallace McClure Jr., Dr. William Britt. ca. 1968.

(L to R): Bob McClure, Dr. Vernon Iredell, Chancellor Charles Weaver, W.K. McClure, Wallace McClure Jr., Dr. William Britt. ca. 1968.

Past Award Recipients

2015-2016 McClure Scholarship Recipients

2014-2015 McClure Scholarship Recipients

2013-2014 McClure Scholarship Recipients

2012-2013 McClure Scholarship Recipients

2011-2012 McClure Scholarship Recipients

2015-2016 McClure Scholarship Recipients

Bier Lindsey Understanding the Impact of Cultural Mediators on Country Identity and Country Image: The Case of Vietnam Communication and Information Communication And Information
Chuang Angela Range expansion of the globally invasive colonial tentweb orbweaver spider, Cyrtophora citricola Arts and Sciences Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Dubinsky Yoav Olympism and Israel in the 2016 Olympic Games Educ, Health, Human Sciences Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Greer Anna Redeeming the Past: Music in Theresienstadt Arts and Sciences Modern Foreign Languages
Hermes Richard Kings and Queens of Mahanakorn: A Collection of Novellas and Stories Set in Thailand Arts and Sciences English
Jin Meilan Understanding Preschool Children’s Cooperative Problem Solving During Social Play: China and the U.S. Educ, Health, Human Sciences Child and Family Studies
Lopez Cerquera Maria Justice and Peace: Evaluation of the Impact of Confessions as a Mechanism of Transitional Justice in Colombia. Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Neupane Santosh An Empirical Analysis of the Degree of Household Dependence on Community Forest of Nepal Across Hilly and Terai Regions Agri Sci and Natural Resources Natural Resources
Shrestha Utsala Anaerobic soil disinfestation for soil borne disease control in tomato production systems in Nepal Agri Sci and Natural Resources Plants, Soils, And Insects
Tekie Yacob Refugee Trauma: Diagnostic utility and Psychometric properties of PTSD checklist Arts and Sciences Psychology
Tian >Nana Forest certification for sustainability: Understanding the opportunities, barriers, and interests of forest landowners in Shandong, China Agri Sci and Natural Resources Natural Resources


2014-2015 McClure Scholarship Recipients


Ayari Mehdi A Mixed-Methods Approach to the Dynamics of Government Coalitions in One-party Systems: Minister Duration, Social Networks, and Elite Coalitions in Tunisia, 1957-2014 Arts and Sciences Political Science
Bader Lauren Parent Perceptions and Responses to Infant Emotions among the Gamo People in Southern Ethiopia Educ, Health, Human Sciences Child and Family Studies
Chapagain Binod Payments for Improved Water Quality and Quantity in Dhulikhel Municipality, Nepal: A Willingness to Pay Contingent Valuation Approach Agri Sci and Natural Resources Natural Resources
Currin Grant Mediation or Exploitation? Neoliberal Conservation in Costa Rica Arts and Sciences College Scholars Program
Dascomb Amanda The Role of Primary Montessori Education in Multilingual Literacy: Guadeloupe, language instruction and lessons for a globalized future Educ, Health, Human Sciences Education
Gathongo Njoroge Assessing Vulnerability of Human and Natural Systems at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya Using Integrated Environmental Anthropology, Landscape Ecology, and Decision-Making Science Approaches Arts and Sciences Geography
Johnson Alicia The Crested Cranes: An Exploration of the Ugandan Women’s Senior National Football Team Educ, Health, Human Sciences Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Letteney Kyle Hear No Evil, See No Evil: United States Punishment and the Decivilizing Process Arts and Sciences Sociology
Panageotou Steven SYRIZA in the Midst of Financial Crisis: From Political Party to Ruling Administration Arts and Sciences Sociology
Pearson Jeremy Europe, the Levant, and the Mediterranean World: Reconsidering Muslim-Jewish-Christian Relations in the Crusader States Arts and Sciences History
Simarasl Nastaran Engagement of Women in Entrepreneurship across Borders Business Administration Business Administration
Sonnichsen Tyler Finding the Washington DC Landscape in French Punk Culture Arts and Sciences Geography
Tuller Hugh The Role of Forensic Science in Post-Conflict Transformation: A Preliminary Research Project in Northern Uganda Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Walker Lydia Ad sanctos ultimi temporis: Lay Spirituality, Crusading, and Reform in the Sermons of Jacques de Vitry Arts and Sciences History
Yoon Jihwan The “Comfort Women” Commemorative Campaign: Geopolitical Struggles over Memory and Justice between Korea and Japan Arts and Sciences Geography

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2013-2014 McClure Scholarship Recipients

Kaeser Amanda Women’s Attitudes, Barriers, and Participation in Community Based Conservation Programs in Belize Agri Sci and Natural Resources Natural Resources
Lecaque Thomas Reading Raymond: Southern French Bibles, Performative Religion and Crusading Christianity in Occitania Arts and Sciences History
Martin Geoffrey Mozarab Readers of the Bible, From the Cardoban Martyrs to the Glossa Ordinaria❠Arts and Sciences History
Rennie Robert Death in the Air: The Luftstreitkräfte, Aviation Technology, and German Culture in the First World War. Arts and Sciences History
Sander Joshua The Greater Germanic Reich: Nazification and the Creation of a New Dutch Identity in the Occupied Netherlands Arts and Sciences History
Watcharaanantapong Pattarawan Factors Influencing Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emission in Thailand by Using Tobit and Logistic Model Agri Sci and Natural Resources Natural Resources

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2012-2013 McClure Scholarship Recipients

Alsobrook Anna A multidimensional analysis of the Great Green Wall in Senegal: a study of the physical effects of afforestation and its impacts on a human landscape Arts and Sciences Geography
Basford Scott The Ethics of Conditional Entry: International Student Migration to Norway as Development Aid Arts and Sciences Geography
Billingsley Krista Teaching Peace: Local Perceptions of Justice and Peace Education in Nepal Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Conner Neil African Immigrants in the Republic of Ireland: Contested Notions of Identity & the Spaces of Social Integration Arts and Sciences Geography
Corush Joel Global introduction of animals and their effects on native species Arts and Sciences Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Hargrove Stephanie Traffic Enforcement in China using License Plate Recognition Technology Engineering Civil Engineering
Kim Ji Eun Extending the Applicability of Transition Analysis (TA) Beyond the Western Hemisphere: Can we improve TA to be applicable to modern East and Southeast Asian adult skeletal samples? Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Mcknight Julie Sink or Source? Carbon cycling processes in páramo and wooded ecosystems in the Ecuadorian Andes Arts and Sciences Geography
Pannell Zane Road User Vulnerability in China – Impacts of New E-Bike Mode Engineering Civil Engineering
Pjesivac Ivanka Trust in News Media in post-Communist Eastern Europe: The Case of Serbia Communication and Information Communication And Information
Reinke Amanda Collaborative Participatory Action Research (PAR) with the Center for Reparations and Rehabilitation (CRR) in Northern Uganda Arts and Sciences Anthropology

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2011-2012 McClure Scholarship Recipients

Bertasi, Elliot Investigating the political history of Uganda from the beginning of the National Resistance Movement to the end of the Civil War Arts and Sciences College Scholars Program
Brookshire, Robyn Critical Teacher Inquiry in Early Childhood: Collaborative Action Research Using Post-Structuralist and Cross-National Provocations Education, Health, and Human Sciences Child and Family Studies
Campbell, Andrew Potential Mode Choice Impact of Electric Bicycle Sharing in Beijing Engineering Civil Engineering
Hauser, Kathleen Climate Change Response in Kakadu National Park Arts and Sciences Geography
Jackson, Darren A Free Air Arts and Sciences English
Kembel, Adrianne The Investigation of Cultural Perspectives Concerning Proper Reburial: Individual and Mass Graves in Northern Uganda Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Kim, Jaymelee Transitional Justice in a Non-Transitioning Society: A Study of the Perceived Efficacy of Canada’s Justice and Reconciliation Efforts Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Krempa, Geoffrey Against the Red Peril of the East: Germany, the White International, and Central European Extremism, 1918-1925 Arts and Sciences History
Maldonado-Guerra, Gabriela Voices of a Revolution, Guatemala 1944 Arts and Sciences Anthropology
Merchant, Stephen Aesthetics and Caste; Exploring Contemporary Dalit Artists in India Arts and Sciences Art
Parker, Lisa Literary Construction of Puerto Rico’s Identity: A Country of Four Voices Arts and Sciences Modern Foreign Languages

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