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Guide to Using the Transfer Credit Database

Reading the Results

Each row in the Transfer Credit Database is specific to a unique course, shown under Foreign Course Title. For a description of how the data in each column relates to that course, see the chart below.

Program Name Title of the UT study abroad program. Click here to find a program at
Country Location of the program
Foreign Course Title Course number/title at the host institution
Discipline Field of study at UT
LD/UD Designation of lower division or upper division course at UT
Major UT major requirement met by indicated course
Minor UT minor requirement met by indicated course
GenEd UT General Education requirement met by indicated course
Other Other UT requirement met, e.g. college, collateral, etc., by indicated course

The data in the last four UT Requirement Met columns (Major, Minor, GenEd and Other), indicate how each foreign course may be used toward UT degree requirements. (Use the Key to the Transfer Credit Database Codes to understand the requirement codes.)

Sample Search Results Explained

Screen Shot of Transfer Credit Database Search Results

(1) The Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour course through CEA French Alps will be counted as Upper Division credit at UT and (2) may be used toward the International Business Collateral or Concentration in the College of Business Administration, as long as you are not a Marketing major.

The PSY205 Motivation and Emotion course at the University of the Sunshine Coast will be counted as Upper Division credit at UT and (3) may be used toward a Psychology major in the place of PSYC 320. Or it may be used in a Psychology minor. (4) This course cannot be used to fulfill the General Education Social Science requirement, but it may be used toward the College of Arts and Sciences’ Social Science List B.

IMPORTANT – Considering Your Coursework

You can seek approval for any foreign course to fulfill a UT requirement. With the Transfer Credit Database, someone else has done part of the work for you. Just remember a few important details, as you review the data.

In most cases, each course should not be taken more than once and will be used to fulfill just one of multiple requirements that may be listed. Alternatively, courses can potentially be used toward other UT requirements that are not listed in the Transfer Credit Database and you also may choose to take other courses offered by the host institution.

Once you decide on a program, the actual course offerings may be similar but not identical to what is listed in the Transfer Credit Database because availability for the term and placement in these courses are not guaranteed and more courses usually are offered.

All of your selected courses must be reviewed and approved by your academic advisor(s), prior to departing for your study abroad program, as part of the mandatory UT application process. Only you and your advisor(s) can determine if a course or requirement is one that you need and how it could apply to your degree. You must complete the Request for Transfer Credit Form with your advisor. The form will be available to you after you have been accepted to a program.

Because each student’s academic plan is different, remember that the Transfer Credit Database is only one of many available resources to help you choose a study abroad program and appropriate courses at a host institution.

Utilizing Additional Resources at UT

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Office of the University Registrar:

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DARS: (Degree Audit Reporting System) Automated system that compares student’s completed coursework with the requirements for their degree and produces a report, or audit, detailing their progress towards that degree

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